Man and Woman Horseback Riding in ArizonaImagine salmon rock formations in fantastical, wind-worn shapes; sturdy, green vegetation peeking out among the jagged landscape; brilliant wildflowers blooming across the countryside; and scuttering creatures sunbathing in the morning light. Those are the things that make Prescott, AZ, such a beautiful place. The Prescott trails are famous for hiking and rock climbing, but there are many different ways to explore the paths around Prescott Resort and Conference Center. If you’re interested in horseback riding, Arizona is the place to be. You can take in everything around you atop a four-legged companion with top-notch desert wandering skills.

Horseback Riding, Arizona, and Adventure

Most travelers arrive without a horse trailer, so don’t worry—there’s a wonderful horseback tour company near our resort in Prescott, AZ! Yavapai Trail Adventures is a people-oriented local business that offers fully customizable horse riding in Arizona. Their usual daytime tours run between one and one and a half hours long, during which you’ll experience western trail riding at its finest. However, they’ll adjust the ride to your wishes. They offer picnic lunches, sunset rides, and overnight camping and horseback riding in Arizona. So if you’re looking for a romantic way to propose, a fun family lunch, or something else, you’ll find what you need on the Prescott trails!

View of yellow wildflowers from Prescott Trails

Yavapai Trail Adventures makes horseback riding in Arizona available to people who have never been on a horse before. Their tours are also suitable for the most experienced riders. The only requirement is age; children must be at least six years old to ride.

After your time out horseback riding Prescott’s incredible trails, explore more of the desert scenery on foot. Hiking around Prescott Resort is a great way to spot native birds and wildlife, and if you have a camera, bring it along for some stellar photo-ops. 

Luxurious Resorts in Prescott, AZ

When you finish horseback riding, Arizona’s best resort will be waiting for you to unwind. Grab a bite to eat and enjoy the view from our restaurant. Then, sit back and relax in your comfortable, private room. There are new activities to try and places to explore every day in Prescott. Contact us today to plan your sunny Southwestern escape!