Best Spots to Rock Climb in Prescott, Arizona

Among the many exciting things to do when visiting Prescott, AZ, is rock climbing. If you’re staying at our Northern Arizona resort Prescott Resort & Conference Center, the area is a rock-climbing paradise. Large boulders and steep cliffs within the mountains provide limitless potential for climbing. Make sure you bring your climbing shoes and chalk before you head out to any of these nearby locations!

Rock Climbing in AZ

Prescott Bouldering 

Many of the popular climbing spots can be found at nearby Prescott Bouldering. The Wave is a beginner or warm-up boulder, as it reaches up to 10 feet and boasts heavily chalked incuts. For the more experienced climbers, New Moon is one of the most challenging courses in all of Prescott. It has a crux forming a huge span between your foot and hand, causing most people under 5’11” to have to jump to solve the problems of this boulder. Only elite climbers are recommended for this course. 

Granite Mountain Climbing

Granite Mountain is another nearby spot that focuses more on traditional or “trad” climbing with harnesses and equipment. It features several routes including The Classic: an easy but long route on the mountain that generates plenty of traffic. If you don’t have your own equipment, stop by The Hike Shack in Prescott, AZ to fulfill all your climbing needs! 

Indoor Climbing

Staying in Prescott, Arizona, can also help you prepare for your climbing endeavors. Stop by Gripstone Climbing, Yoga & Cafe, where they will be able to show you the ropes and essential guidelines to follow. Prescott Rocks & Rec is another spot to get the climbing experience indoors. Featuring over 1,200 square feet of climbing area, their crew will make every climber coming in feeling confident and assured. 

Rock Climbing in AZClimb Safe

Here at Prescott Resort & Conference Center, you’ll be able to indulge in our spa, dine at Icha and gamble. We suggest before you do gamble at Bucky’s Casino, make sure not to gamble with your life when you are out climbing. Review the level of difficulty of each route with the Font or V Scale. Knowing the degree of difficulty before you climb at any of these locations is crucial not only for success but also for your safety. Prioritize safety, and you will enjoy your time climbing in Prescott and your stay here at the Prescott!