Take Gorgeous Photos in Prescott, AZ

While on vacation in Prescott, AZ, you’ll likely want to take photos so that you can look back and admire all of the fun you had and the memories made. Besides taking pictures of you and those you’re traveling with, you may want to capture some of the breathtaking views and landscapes you get to experience so that you can remember them forever. Prescott Resort is only minutes away from all of the gorgeous scenery that you’ll want to snap some photos of. 

The 3 Most Breathtaking Spots to Take Photos in Prescott, AZ

You might think of Arizona as dry desert land, but there is so much beauty within the state. From mountains to forests and lakes, there’s plenty of areas you’ll want to see, and of course, photograph. Below are the three most beautiful spots to take photos in Prescott, AZ.

Watson Lake Park

Part of the Granite Dells, Watson Lake Park is in a unique area surrounded by Granite formations, boulders, and balanced rocks. In the park, you can see gorgeous views of canyons, cliffs, lakes, open fields, riparian reserves, and more – there is no shortage of Kodak moments when you visit Watson Lake Park. 

Granite Basin

Granite Basin is a favorite hiking and climbing area for Prescott locals and popular for visitors too. You can see the mountain from almost anywhere in Prescott, so when you’re on the mountain, you’ll be able to see views of the entire town of Prescott. These views and the mountain itself are the perfect snapshots to remember your vacation!

Lynx Lake Recreation Area

The beautiful 55-acre Lynx Lake is a magical place to take photos. Surrounded by a beautiful ponderosa pine forest, you may see locals and visitors hiking, biking, horseback riding or bird watching while you’re out and about. Lynx Lake is full of trout, so if you’re lucky, you may even get some photos of breaching trout!

Photo of a Prescott Resort Suite. Just Minutes Away from Countless Prescott AZ Photo Ops.Prescott Resort

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