prescott hotelsAs the seasons change, the northern hemisphere is turning to vibrant shades of reds, oranges, and golds. The best time in Prescott, AZ for a getaway is during the fall, when the summer heat tapers off and the weather morphs to cooler days. Visit us at Prescott Resort and Conference Center to experience the changing seasons and all of the best amenities Prescott hotels have to offer this autumn.

Finding Fall Foliage

Arizona is not usually the first place that comes to mind when thinking about finding fall foliage, but you would be surprised at the gorgeous colors that this area phases into. When you are looking for Prescott hotels during the season change, Prescott Resort and Conference Center is located near one of Arizona’s fall color hubs. The Prescott National Forest offers fantastic areas of fall foliage that uniquely display beautiful colors. Whether you hope to take in the sites for a relaxing hike or are in search of the perfect photo opportunity, you can find it hidden in the clusters of colorful ash trees, maples, sycamores, aspens, and other beautiful plant life.  prescott hotels

As Temperatures Drop

As the temperatures in Arizona begin to sink into cooler days, hiking becomes even more pleasant and more beautiful. Rather than beating the heat throughout your hike, you can wander comfortably in mild weather and take in the sites a little easier. Watch as the forest pockets turn color and later on in the season, you may even discover Arizona’s unique landscapes in a dusting of snow. Pack your hiking boots for your Prescott Resort getaway for an incredible venture out into the various Prescott, Arizona nature trails.

prescott hotelsThe Perfect Winter Destination

One reason that late fall and winter is the best time in Prescott, AZ for an adventure is because of the mild season. Rather than finding ways to stay cool in summer heat or trudging through heavy snow and freezing cold, you will find yourself able to go out in only a few light layers and remain comfortable. The Prescott area only receives about twelve inches of snow all winter, creating a beautiful dusted landscape and a gorgeous scene of contrasts.

If you are looking for a fantastic time to visit Prescott hotels, fall and winter are opportune times to come out and discover our beautiful home. Find yourself in cozy accommodations with several unforgettable experiences right outside your door. Enjoy all of our Prescott Resort and Conference Center amenities and discover the town of Prescott along with all of the surrounding attractions. Learn for yourself just why we love Prescott so much as the seasons change!