You have your stay booked, your bags packed, and you cannot wait to head out for your time in Prescott AZ. You found that perfect room with us at Prescott Resort and Conference Center, but one thing is missing. You have yet to plan out an itinerary or explore your options for incredible adventures while you are there. When it comes to traveling, discovering new things and having a blast is the most important parts of any trip, so we want to help you plan the best adventure yet!

Building The Best Itinerary

Creating an itinerary can be a difficult task, whether it be finding the best spots to visit or just managing a schedule. Not everyone likes to have a scheduled vacation seeing as much of life is listed on a calendar at home. Traveling should not feel like running from appointment to appointment, it should be about relaxing and exploring. One of the easiest ways to build a successful and low-stress itinerary is by finding only a handful of stops to start out. Find one or two large attractions each day like Whiskey Row, Heritage Park Zoology Sanctuary, or any of our nature trails and parks to visit and make that the main chunk of your day. Once you have your main attraction picked out, only pick one or two small attractions to stop at on the way to or from your main excursion so that you are not too constrained for time. This allows you a little time in between if you see something along the way and want to stop for a bit of a detour. You will be less stressed about making time during business hours and have the freedom to make impromptu adventures.

Take Advantage Of All Amenities

Some of the best vacations are ones that require no planning. When you visit us at Prescott Resort and Conference Center, it is easy to come without a plan because of all the fantastic amenities we have right on site. From Bucky’s Casino to incredible dining to A Borgata Salon and Spa, there is no shortage of relaxation and excitement. You may not even need to leave the resort with all of the wonderful opportunities within the resort itself.

Are You Ready?

If you would like some tips on the best attractions in the area to add to your itinerary, you can call us at (855) 957-4637, and one of our caring staff members can help you find your ideal adventures. Grab your bags and join us for an unforgettable time in Prescott AZ at Prescott Resort and Conference Center. An incredible journey awaits!