A masked female patron admires art work at one of the many museums in Prescott, AZ.There are more museums in Prescott, AZ, than you would think! If you like historical experiences, consider Prescott, AZ, museum heaven. There are almost too many to choose from, all focusing on entirely different historical aspects. Learn about the history of Arizona, regional art, Indigenous history, local architecture, and so much more. Whether you want to spend multiple days visiting museums or just an afternoon in one that stands out the most, we’ll guide you to the three most interesting museums in Prescott, AZ.

The 3 Most Interesting Museums in Prescott, AZ

If you’re looking to narrow down your search on which museums you should visit in Prescott, AZ, look no further! We have created a guide to the three most interesting museums in Prescott, AZ, so, if you want to learn more about where to go, continue reading! All of the museums are in close proximity to Prescott Resort, so you won’t have to go far for an interesting afternoon full of history. 

Sharlot Hall Museum

Sharlot Hall Museum is an educational and cultural center where the community can gather to understand and appreciate historical, social, and natural aspects of Arizona with an emphasis on the Central Highlands. It was named after Sharlot Madbridth Hall, who was well known as a poet, activist, politician, and Arizona’s first territorial historian. Her artifacts, from over the decades, are displayed inside the museum. To learn about different events put on at Sharlot Hall Museum, visit their website.

Phippen Museum

This museum was named after George Phippen, a local artist and the first president of the Cowboy Artists of America. Phippen Museum plays a role in the continued presentation, promotion, and preservation of art of the American West. There are so many exhibits with beautiful paintings that are everchanging. View the upcoming exhibits, current exhibits, and permanent exhibits to get a taste of what you’ll see when you come to the Phippen Museum. 

Museum of Indigenous People

This museum’s mission is to instill understanding and respect for the Indigenous cultures of the Southwest, so when you enter, you’ll be immersing yourself in their culture. The Museum of Indigenous People has galleries, classes and lectures, prehistoric pottery classes, group tours, and so much more to aid you in learning about the amazing culture of Indigenous people. This may be one of the most interactive museums in all of Prescott, AZ!

Resorts in Prescott, AZ: Prescott Resort and Conference Center

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