Goldwater Lake and Watson Lake are both close to Prescott Resort, which means you can enjoy all sorts of water activities. It’s hot in Arizona year-round, and it’s especially hot during the summer months, so being out on the water is the perfect way to keep cool. Kayaking in Prescott, AZ, is a fun and memorable way to spend an afternoon with family and friends. Renting a kayak is easy, and it’s a great way to get a nice workout in!

Where to Go Kayaking in Prescott, AZ

Prescott Outdoors has kayak rentals on both Goldwater Lake and Watson Lake. Since both of these lakes are so close to Prescott Resort, renting from Prescott Outdoors is going to be your best bet. Not only is it close, but there are great kayak options available and great rates that will keep your wallet happy! You don’t have to make a reservation either – walk-up rentals are always welcome.

Watson Lake

Watson Lake is a beautiful, open lake with tons of boulders! If you’re interested in kayaking on Watson Lake, rentals are available from 8am until 3pm, with rentals due no later than 4pm. During the spring and fall, rentals are available Friday through Sunday, and during the summer, rentals are available Wednesday through Sunday. The 2020 season schedule is from May 1st until October 18th, so if you’re visiting during these months, it’s all the more reason to kayak!

Goldwater Lake

This beautiful mountain lake is surrounded by pine trees, and a gorgeous place to kayak. Rentals are available from 8am until 4pm, and the kayaks are due back at 5pm. You can get in a full day of kayaking, or just a couple of hours! The 2020 season schedule is from May 16th through September 7th, Labor Day. You can rent a kayak from Friday through Sunday – it’s the perfect weekend activity!

Rental Rates

Not only can you rent a kayak, you can also rent a canoe! Depending on how long you want to be out on the water, rates vary. Below, you can learn more about the cost of your kayaking adventure in Prescott, AZ.

  • Tandem Kayak or Canoe: $20.00 first hour
    $15.00 per each additional hour
  • Solo Kayak: $15.00 first hour,
    $10.00 per each additional hour
  • Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Rentals: $20.00 per hour
    SUPs available at Watson Lake Only!

Daily Rates:

  • Tandem Kayaks and Canoes: $75.00 per day
  • Solo Kayak: $50.00 per day
  • Stand up Paddle Boards: $75.00 per day
    (Watson Lake only)
  • Daily Rates are not prorated

Prescott Resort: The Best Resort in Prescott, AZ

Picture of resort by kayaking opportunities in Prescott AZ.After your day of Kayaking in Prescott, AZ, head back to Prescott Resort to relax! We have everything you need for a perfect vacation. Our prime location is just minutes away from all things to do in Prescott, and our unique and beautiful guest rooms will be perfect for you and your group. Enjoy our amazing amenities like the spa and casino – we know you’ll never get bored when you stay with us. Before booking online, be sure to check out our awesome specials.