Spa Spotlight: Dermaplaning vs. Microdermabrasion

Woman undegoing microdermabrasion, dermaplaning vs. microdermabrasion

When you’re on vacation, the goal is to relax and enjoy your free time. Luckily, the exceptional Prescott Resort and Conference Center amenities are designed to be completely stress-free, with special treats like an on-site day spa. We are one of the few Arizona resorts with a full-service spa, so after a few days of trekking through the famous Prescott hiking trails, take advantage of A Borgata Salon and Spa. An hour or two at this Prescott Resort spa is sure to release tension from your muscles and heal your skin from sun damage.

In order to choose the right options for you, it’s important to know their ins and outs. So we’re going to break down two of our in-demand procedures: dermaplaning vs. microdermabrasion.

Day Spa Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion isn’t a new procedure, for the USFDA approved it in 1996. So what does it entail, and why would someone have it done? It’s about an hour-long facial treatment to gently sand away the top layer of your skin, revealing a fresh and rejuvenated complexion. There are a few techniques and tools for microdermabrasion, so you might see a diamond-tip handpiece or a crystal-emitting handpiece. They both do the same thing—exfoliation. 

There isn’t really any down-time after microdermabrasion, and anesthetic or numbing products aren’t necessary. It’s typical to experience mild swelling or redness, but these side effects subside quickly. So if you indulge at our spa resort early in your stay, you’ll be able to explore the Prescott hiking trails right away! Just remember to use lots of sunscreen after the procedure to protect your baby-soft skin from the sun. It’s actually recommended to use sunscreen any time you’re outside, regardless of whether or not you’ve had microdermabrasion. Prescott Resort boasts an indoor pool and jacuzzi, so if you prefer to spend the day out of the sun, you can keep your skin protected and enjoy your immediate results.

Microdermabrasion can help with skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, age spots, acne scars, uneven texture, and more. You can even get microdermabrasion for stretch marks! If you’re unsure about trying this treatment, talk to your regular skincare professional or medical provider.

Choosing Between Dermaplaning vs. MicrodermabrasionWoman undergoing dermaplaning

Dermaplaning, also known as microplaning or blading, is similar to microdermabrasion in the what and the why, but it’s different in the how. Instead of sanding off the damaged layer of skin, a licensed professional will use dermaplaning blades to tenderly shave away dead skin and hair. Although the two are similar day spa procedures, there are a few things to remember when it comes to dermaplaning vs. microdermabrasion.

The benefits of dermaplaning include faded scars and brighter skin, but it’s recommended to stick to microdermabrasion for stretch marks. The benefits of dermaplaning will fade in a few weeks, while microdermabrasion can last for several months. Dermaplaning is also slightly more invasive and might involve numbing agents.

Prescott Resort Day Spa

The best part about our spa resort is its proximity to your comfortable lodging and the Prescott hiking trails. So when you’re done treating your skin to the tranquil day spa resort, keep the relaxation going with one of our luxury rooms and views of the glorious Arizona landscape. Check out our entire on-site spa menu, which also features facials and massages, and give us a call at 855-957-4637 to book your stay. You’ll return home full rested, with glowing skin and an energized mind!