One of the best things about vacationing somewhere new is the change of scenery. If you’re hoping to see unfamiliar plants and animals, the Arizona desert is a unique, must-see place. Prescott, Arizona, is especially known for its gorgeous hiking trails and wildlife. Prescott Resort and Conference Center is at the heart of all the incredible birding tours and hiking in Prescott. Here’s our insider’s guide to birding in Arizona.

Top Trails for Birding in Arizona

Prescott is situated near the Prescott National Forest, Tonto National Forest, and Coconino National Forest. Thanks to all that habitat, we have over 360 species of Arizona birds in the area. That means you won’t have to go far to find your favorite feathered creatures. In fact, two of the best spots for birding in Arizona are within 10 minutes of your Prescott Resort room.

Watson Woods is a 126-acre park full of cottonwood and willow trees. The trails are accessible year-round, and you’re likely to see common Arizona birds like warblers and wood ducks. You might even spot more rare Arizona birds of prey, such as the medium-sized red-shouldered hawk.Arizona Birds Peregrine Falcon

Willow Lake Park is located right on the 400-acre reservoir, and it features Arizona birds of prey like the bald eagle and, if you’re lucky, the peregrine falcon (pictured). However, more abundant breeds include common Arizona birds, like the greater roadrunner.

For more self-guided birding tours and trails, check out the Prescott Audubon Society.

Guided Arizona Birding Tours

If you’re new to birding in Arizona, guided birding tours might be a good option for you. Jay’s Bird Barn hosts regular bird walks throughout the best Prescott trails. Your tour guide will lead the way and help you spot and identify birds. Once you become more familiar with the desert landscape and the different Arizona bird species, try watching for avians from the Icha Maajoh Restaurant picture windows or patio.

Park, Zoo, and Bird Sanctuary in Arizona

For those who want to see Arizona birds up close or who are traveling with kids, the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary is a wonderful place to learn about bird rehabilitation and conservation. They have birds that are native to Arizona, such as turkey vultures and golden eagles, as well as non-native birds, like emus and macaws. This bird sanctuary in Arizona also has education camps and other fun events for people of any age.

Stay in Comfort in Prescott, AZ

After a full day of birding in Arizona, return to your home-away-from-home to fuel up and rest your feet. All the hiking trails in Prescott, AZ, could keep you occupied for days or weeks, and staying at Prescott Resort will let you wake up each morning prepared for another day of exploration. Contact us today to plan your desert getaway!