Best Restaurants in Prescott AZ

If you are in need of some food when you’re away from Prescott Resort and Conference Center, the city of Prescott caters to taste buds of all cultures. Whether you’re traveling with your family or looking for an excellent location for date night, the best restaurants in Prescott AZ are just a short drive away. Make sure to visit these stops!

best restaurants in Prescott AZ

Elegant Bites

If you’re looking for a little romance, take your date to Bistro St. Michael, one of the best restaurants in Prescott AZ. As one of the top fine dinings stops on Whiskey Row, the talented executive chef has forged a menu to please every palate—from traditional American cuisine to signature dishes such as the wild Alaskan salmon. Murphy’s, meanwhile, is a historic venue that keeps the fine-dining tradition going. It dates back to 1890 where it was originally built as a general store. Currently, they feature two prestigious chefs and some of the best sirloin steaks you’ll ever have.

International Flavor

El Gato Azul is not only known as one of the best restaurants in Prescott AZ but in all of Arizona. As a world bistro with a focus on Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, their menu is sprawling with over 50 tapas. The building is a modest size but provides a relaxed and colorful atmosphere. El Gato even has a mascot, Benny, who has been described as “a cat of intrigue and mystery.” Another top ethnic restaurant is Atmesfir. Featuring an ever-changing menu, Atmesfir uses locally-sourced produce and French cooking techniques to create mouthwatering dishes. They are only open Wednesday through Sunday, so make sure you plan accordingly!

best restaurants in Prescott AZAmerican Standards

Sticking with traditional American fare in Prescott is a reliable choice as well. Excellent sandwiches, as‌ ‌well‌ ‌as‌ ‌signature‌ ‌burgers, can be found at the unique Bill’s Grill. Their beef is ground in-house daily, so guests know they are getting top-notch quality. Augie’s has the American classics but with bold styles at affordable prices and happy hours every day of the week. If you are sporting a proud mustache, ask about joining their Moustache Club on your visit to end up on their hall of fame!

The Menu of Prescott 

Prescott Resort and Conference Center provides the convenience of an on-site restaurant with our Icha Maajoh Restaurant that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, if you are gone on an adventure or out on the town for a day, make sure to visit one of the best restaurants in Prescott AZ. The restaurant scene is wide and varied. Whether you opt to chew on a classic burger or indulge in the fresh ingredients from the fine dining spots, be prepared to go back for seconds.